Our Approach

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in giving people what they want, in the shortest amount of time, and with a smile. We think all of these parts are necessary when it comes to the creative process, and we follow it in-house when we're developing our own assets.

What good does it do to deliver on time if you're a pain to work with? Or to be amazingly friendly but incompetent and unreliable? We're dedicated to these principles, and we think you'll be able to see the difference.

Our Story

Once upon a time, there were professional voice over actors who thought it would be fun to make films, and years later, mobile games. They were right, it was amazing! Along the way, they met awesome friends and had some great adventures.

In their travels through various industries, they discovered that there was an opportunity to create professional audio assets for game developers that they could be proud of.

So they packed in their own development gear and set out to help game developers, everywhere.

Meet the Team

Here we are! We're small but we're mighty, and we have LOTS of friends.

H.A. Burns

Founder & CEO

In addition to the hundreds of corporate voice over projects that Holly has completed, she's also a best-selling author and game developer.

Steve Medeiros

Voice Over Actor

Have you heard Steve's voice? If you had, he wouldn't need an introduction. Steve is well versed in corporate training videos and being a great guy.

Jan Goodwin

Production Director

Jan has more than 15 years experience herding cats and making sure the trains run on time. She's also the sweetest person in the world.

Next Steps...

Now that you know all about us, we'd love to hear about you! Drop us a note and let's chat about your project.